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art, science and engineering merging in beauty and utility


Yoder + Tidwell, Ltd. is a highly respected Architecture and Engineering firm headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island. Yoder + Tidwell has, over time, carefully assembled a staff of extremely qualified professional architects and engineers. This blend of disciplines provides our firm with a rather distinctive perspective and ability. We believe that we are particularly well suited to the task of integrating the complex, technical issues of engineering with the aesthetic finesse necessary to meet the most demanding requirements of our clients. Our ability to integrate the art of architecture with the technical rigor of engineering leads to solutions that are exceptional in their economy, beauty and integrity.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the old-fashioned philosophy of hard work and dedication at Yoder + Tidwell. Our commitment to these principles enables us to fulfill the needs and aspirations of our clients because we believe that they deserve our best effort every project, every day. We are unique in our understanding that our profession is, at its very core, a service industry; which to us means providing our clients with loyalty, hard work and an end product that meets their individual needs. We believe that our client has a right to expect more and get it. Our entire organization is committed to the philosophy of inclusiveness and all understand the need to work within a team approach to problem solving.

Technology and Innovation:

Our society is the first in history where the phenomenon of constant change is a fact of daily life. The ways in which the disciplines of architecture and engineering are practiced today are not only different from previous generations, but constantly evolving in new and exciting ways. We at Yoder + Tidwell embrace this climate of change and continually seek ways by which to stay on the crest of the wave of change. We constantly strive to develop innovative ways to confront the intricacies and complexities of our increasingly technological society in general and the construction industry in particular.

At Yoder + Tidwell, we are aware that technology can simplify the design and construction process, but we also know that technology in the hands of the wrong people can overly complicate not only the design process but the final construction methodology.  Our firm integrates multiple technological sources throughout the process from rendering programs at the outset of a project to word processing, spreadsheets, AutoCad, engineering software during the design phase and Adobe Acrobat during the CA phase to facilitate the review of submittals and shop drawings.

On Time, On Budget

Our process has proven very effective over time in ensuring the success of our projects. The cooperation of Owner, Architect and Contractor are essential to the successful completion of a project. It is essential that the project start with a solid programming phase followed by a thorough set of Construction Documents. Yoder + Tidwell are meticulous in their document preparation and dogged in their Administration during the CA phase. Our promise to every client is that we will do everything within our power to help you bring your project in on-time and on-budget.